5 types of suits you should have in your wardrobe!

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March 4, 2018
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March 19, 2018
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If you are looking to improve your collection of suits or thinking of starting a collection, here are 5 suit types we believe are essential for every man to have in their wardrobe.


1. Navy Blue Suit

If you are just starting your collection, we recommend purchasing a navy blue suit first.  A Navy blue suit offers versatility and it conveys the right message. This suit can be paired with a wide range of ties or shirts and is appropriate for almost any occasion.


2. Grey Suit

If you are limited to a certain amount of suits in your wardrobe, a grey suit gives you the latitude to wear a wide variety of ties and shirt combinations.  This suit will expand your ability to explore mixing and matching of colours and styles.


3. Classic Black Suit

A black suit is perfect for many occasions, you can wear a black suit to the office, black tie affairs, cocktail parties or even to an unfortunate setting like a funeral.  A black suit will offer you ample opportunities to wear it, style it and play with colours.


4.Patterned Suits

Now that you have the standard colours and you feel comfortable wearing a suit, consider purchasing a patterned suit.  Patterned suits are a great way to show character, tastefully. There are a variety of patterned fabric options available (Plaids, Checks, Stripes), so don’t limit yourself to solid colours, let your personality shine through.  


5. Summer Suits  

During the summer months, wearing a wool based fabric suit will be hot and potentially uncomfortable.  To make wearing a suit during this period bearable, consider treating yourself to a nice linen or cotton suit.  They are not only lighter, but they can be much cooler.


Final Thoughts 

I want you to keep in mind one important thought when buying a suit, FIT IS EVERYTHING!  You can buy a very expensive suit but if it does not fit correctly, the suit could and will be cheapened. However, a person can buy a suit that fits perfectly for a lesser amount and that suit can appear to be more expensive than what was paid for it. Notwithstanding other factors such as the fabric quality, the fit is integral in the appearance of a suit.

The world of suits can be exciting.  You have the option to experiment with different patterns, color coordination or style iterations.  The beautiful thing about custom suits, the final design of your suit is limited by your imagination.   So go forth and conquer your fears, and let your confidence shine through! If you have any questions or you would like help building your suit collection, please contact one of our style consultants and book a consultation below. Oak & River #Tailor #Made #Suits. visit www.oakandriver.com for more details.



The photos used in this article are for illustrations purposes only. For a copy of the photos used in this illustration, please visit www.pngtree.com.  Oak & River is a custom tailor suit company, despite the fact these items were not made by Oak & River, we do possess the capabilities to recreate these items.