The Lapel Hole or Boutonniere Buttonhole

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March 13, 2018
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The Lapel Hole or Boutonniere Buttonhole is a suit jacket feature that evolved from the Ghillie Collar. The Ghillie, which is named after a Highland Chief’s attendant, is when a jacket can be done up at the neck, like a coat.  This is intended to keep brisk weathers out and the wearer comfortable.    If a gentlemen wanted to display his shirt collar and tie, he would unfasten the top button. This would allow the right side to flap over with the button facing the collar bone and the left side exposing the buttonhole from the inside.   Surprisingly enough, this fashionable trend inadvertently inspired the introduction of the notch lapel (Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about lapels in our next post).   Today, the Lapel Hole or Boutonniere Buttonhole is used to signify a custom suit or exhibit lapel pins and boutonniere.

The world of suits is exciting.  You have the option to experiment with different patterns, color coordination or style iterations.  The beautiful thing about custom suits, the final design of your suit is limited by your imagination.   So go forth and conquer your fears, and let your confidence shine through! If you have any questions or you would like help building your suit collection, please contact one of our style consultants by booking a consultation below. Oak & River #Tailor #Made #Suits. visit for more details.



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